Who we are

CrowToes is a family owned and operated web design and development consultancy that specializes in helping small businesses, solopreneurs and online marketers make money in the emerging online landscape. 

Whether you are building your first website, rebuilding existing web properties, or need help automating your marketing plan, CrowToes is uniquely positioned to propel your small business into the future.

A husband and wife team

Hi There! My name is Michael Croteau! 

With the help of my wonderful wife Tamara, I founded Crowtoes in 2020 as the culmination of over a decade of experience.

Our Journey began in 2009, after getting out of the military. We moved to Wyoming, and I got a job working in natural gas. Tamara was trying to grow her jewelry business, so in the evenings I taught myself web development in order to build her a website.

After the gas boom ended, and hours started dwindling, I began to devote myself to web development full time.

A life we love living. . .

In 2011 we moved to Ecuador to work for a successful online business owner. We lived among and worked with a tight knit community of successful entrepreneurs who shared the secrets of their success and introduced us to the fundamentals of online marketing and email automation.

After two years of intense training and hands on development experience in businesses that made millions of dollars every quarter, we were called to move back to the United States by the illness of my grandmother. 

Moving back to the United States in 2013, we were excited about the possibility of utilizing what we had learned to help small business owners. Tamara’s jewelry business began to grow quickly and I began consulting with several established businesses in the Chicagoland area.

It soon became obvious that most small businesses were far behind the times and in desperate need of access to modern internet marketing technologies to make their businesses more efficient and profitable. Since then, Tamara and I have spent countless hours solving unique problems for solopreneurs, small businesses and internet marketers.

In 2020, after more than two years in our new Colorado home, it became clear that I would need Tamara’s full time help to manage the growing web business, and we rebranded under the CrowToes label.

Now this dedicated husband and wife duo is gearing up to deliver online success for all of our clients in the coming decade and beyond! 


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