Custom Web Development

Building Purpose Driven Websites for Small Businesses

Custom web development can mean a lot of things: From websites and social media to custom forms and web based applications. It can mean native apps for iOS or Android and automated email marketing. Then there’s an added layer of data integration and management required to make all these things play nicely together…

A lot goes into building a successful website for your business and there are plenty of cheap options that will fit the bill if you know what you’re doing. But most business owners don’t have the time or energy to understand the array of solutions available to them, let alone how to make them all work together. A cheap solution can become expensive very quickly if you’re not sure what to look for.

Even if you hire an experienced web developer you’re likely to get an engineer type who thinks more about what’s possible than what’s practical.

The CrowToes approach

At CrowToes we approach every project by attempting to use the most reliable, hassle free solutions in our tool kit. We aren’t interested in chasing down every trend, or being on the bleeding edge. There are plenty of other companies willing to risk your money on marketing fads, if you’re looking for fast growth / high risk models. We just want to be a reliable partner that you can count on to use proven, time-tested methods and help your business grow.

Let’s start with a website that serves an important purpose for your business; not just a digital billboard, but a lead generation tool, a new revenue stream, or an engaging digital gateway into your brand. Let’s make something practical that serves a specific purpose and helps your business achieve a specific goal.

Next let’s track and improve your website conversions on that one specific thing,. Let’s get good at it, so that it’s producing reliable numbers. Then maybe we can segment that data and use automated marketing tools to tease out a new revenue stream you didn’t even know was available. Let’s take online payments and develop a subscription model or a membership that fits seamlessly into your existing business to supplement and stabilize your income.

More than just code.

As you might be able to tell, at CrowToes, custom development is about more than writing code. We want to develop solutions. We want to develop solid small businesses, and we aim to develop relationships based in success and steady growth.

We want to help small businesses like yours develop into the digital world using methods the big guys have been using for years. We know these methods work and the tools to do it have become more and more accessible over the last decade.

CrowToes has been helping small businesses find affordable, scalable, and reliable solutions for unique online marketing requirements since 2009. We start with industry standard platforms like Google, GoDaddy, and WordPress. Then we mix in some of our favorite tools for building forms, custom applications, themes and plugins. Finally we finish it off with a little custom code magic that we’ve developed over the years to make sure your project stands above the rest.

All of our packages start with a one-on-one consultation so that we can begin to understand your business goals and match them to the most reliable tools in the industry. Turnaround times can vary depending on our current workload and the complexity of your project, but if you contact us today we can usually begin work within a week.

We’re look forward to it!