Let’s get you started on the right track!

We’ve put together a package for Do-It-Yourself entrepreneurs who want the right tools and a little help getting started. Sign up for our monthly hosting package, and we will help you get set up with all the right tools so that you can build your site and start making sales online!

High Speed Hosting and Monthly Maintenance With a Kick Start!

We will  set up your website with everything you need to start making money
We help you get your other tools and accounts set up properly

For just $60 a month you’ll get a WordPress website with Divi, WooCommerce, NinjaForms, Akismet Anti-Spam protection, Bloom Popups and Monarch Social Media Sharing. Everything will be installed and ready for you to start building within 24 hours!

You ALSO get a free, 1 hour video conference consultation to help you set up your other accounts. To ensure that we make the most of your time, I will send you a checklist of all the information you need to get your accounts set up quickly and easily.  Once you have your relevant business info gathered, it is simple to schedule your appointment with me using the links in our emails. 

As a bonus, when you signup with me, I’ll show you how to use bugHerd! our favorite bug tracking tool to request support!

I set up all of my clients with a bugHerd browser extension that allows you to point and click on your website to visually report problems or request help with new development! 

$60 / Month
Cancel Any Time – 30 Day Money Back Guarentee

$60 / Month – Includes:

Your WordPress website hosted on WPEngine!
The most hassle-free WordPress hosting experience available!

  • High speed hosting
  • Advanced caching
  • Content delivery network
  • Staging and development environments
  • Automated daily backups
  • SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer)
  • World-class security monitoring
  • World-class server reliability (99.9% uptime)
  • Monthly manual site check
  • Manual backups prior to updates
  • Managed theme and plugin updates and 
  • Conflict tracking and/or recommendations

Which means…

You get carefully maintained, top of the line technology that provides a fast, stable and scalable basis for your online business. 

When we set up your website we install the Divi Theme, Bloom Opt In Plugin and the Monarch Social Media Plugin, so that you can quickly build your site and get your users engaged!

Build your site with an easy-to-use, drag and drop builder! Divi gives you the ability to add text, images, videos, number counters, and so much more.

Control the style of every element. Add background images, borders, shadows, spacing and animate your website elements all without code.

Easily add email optin forms and pop-up offers with the bloom optin plugin. You have complete control over how they look, when to show them and which pages they should be on and where to place them.

And you can make your content super shareable for increased visitor engagement with the Monarch Social Media Plugin.



If you ever get stuck, everything in the Divi Builder comes with easy to access help videos built right in to the builder!

Your new website comes with our favorite, must-have plugins, including WooCommerce, the industry standard eCommerce solution for WordPress, so that you can sell online from day one!

Your new site comes pre-loaded with our favorite must have plugins to make your website experience smooth and easy

Akismet is a completely hassle-free, “zero-touch” plugin that will keep your website and your forms free of annoying and embarrasing spam. We install it and it uses our license, so you never even have to think about it.

NinjaForms makes it super easy to get information from your visitors. With the drag and drop form builder, you can add fields, set up notification and reply emails, and easily integrate with other online services.

And with WooCommerce you can categorize your products, sell them in a ready-to-use online shop, and even manage tax and shipping costs, as well as order fulfillment right out of the box!

$60 / Month
Cancel Any Time – 30 Day Money Back Guarentee

AND Don’t Forget:
We Are Going to Help You Set Up Your Other Essential Services Too!

It’s important to have a solid suite of tools for online marketing.

You get a FREE one hour consultation! On our video call, we help you get your important fundamental accounts set up. 

In a rapidly evolving environment you need a set of tools you can depend on for stability. We help you get your bases covered so that you can be confident that the foundation of your online operations are secure, AND flexible.

When you use the right tools, all the new gadgets and widgets, even the ones that haven’t been built yet, will integrate seamlessly with your toolset .

We keep track of trends and watch for emerging standards to make sure that your business is built on the newest solid ground: apps and services that the next generation of online tools will be built around.

You can start building your new online business with this simple commitment today.

At CrowToes, we believe in the power of small businesses like yours.
We’re committed to keeping you moving forward and we want to help you achieve your potential.

$60 / Month
Cancel Any Time – 30 Day Money Back Guarentee