Phase One: Data Clean Up and Static Home Page Build

The first phase of any successful development project is to fully understand the project requirements. Who is your primary audience? How will new content be created and deployed? How many forms do we need? Who needs to be notified when someone submits a request? Are you going to be processing payments online? What systems do we need to integrate with? Are there any custom content or data structure requirements?

Although the site plan document you provided begins to address some of these questions, some of them need to be answered more fully to make sure we are developing a site that will actually meet your needs.

Our assessment can often be accomplished in one or two meetings, but if custom requirements start to present themselves, they may require more in depth exploration in a dedicated session or a series of additional sessions.

Once the assessment has been completed, we will present you with a comprehensive site plan and let you know if the assessment requires any adjustment of our initial estimate.

The site plan we deliver includes a bullet point outline of the site overall, and an additional bullet point outline of each page in the primary navigation with annotations for links/buttons and forms. We highlight written content that needs to be created as well as decisions that need to be made about form fields for collecting data.