Phase Three: Development and Page Building

Once the style guide and design have been accepted, we begin the development phase.

Our development workflow requires WordPress hosting with WPEngine, which is included in the CrowToes monthly hosting and maintenance plan. The new website will be constructed in a staging environment where it can be reviewed easily via the internet while the existing site remains untouched.

We will install the latest version of WordPress and add any required plugins, including Yoast and Google Site Kit for SEO, NinjaForms for form development, Redirection to handle broken links and canonical redirects, and Advanced Custom Fields Pro for clean, standardized, modular WordPress development of custom blocks for the Gutenberg Block Editor

CrowToes will develop drag-and-drop content “building blocks” in accordance with the style guide and design specifications. These building blocks will allow you (or your team) to easily add content that effortlessly adheres to the style guide.

If, during the course of development, we run into unforeseen issues with design or function, we will reach out for your input on any necessary revisions.

Finally, we will import existing content and build the pages included in the accepted site plan before presenting the site for testing and revisions.

Based on the existing site content and organization along with our initial impressions from the site plan document you provided, we estimate approximately 83 hours of development time to complete this project.