Phase Two: Combine and Restructure Post Types

Once all of our content requirements have been uncovered and we have a solid understanding of the site structure, we will develop a style guide for the website.

Our design and style guide phase includes an initial design consultation, and 2 rounds of revisions if necessary.

The style guide details font choice and usage, font sizing, spacing, theme colors, button and form styles and image use guidelines. We will also develop at least one complete web page design as a sample of how the style guide will be implemented.

Once the design is approved we will include any custom design elements or iconography required for the implementation of a cohesive digital brand in the final style guide.

Using the existing logo as a basis for the colors, fonts and design, this design project will take approximately 32 hours of dedicated design time to complete. We should be able to accomplish this in 2 – 3 weeks with open communication and reasonable response times.



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